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RSN Is Recovering Posted by: voice
Hello everyone, so you may have noticed RSN and it's hosted sites dropped off, what happened?

I have managed to recover almost all of the data and I am slowly bringing stuff back online when I have the free time, hopefully by Saturday everyone should be back. Until then some patience is appreciated, theres a lot of stuff to fix.
(7) Comments Posted on May 3 2012

Technical Changes, They Are-A Coming Posted by: voice

Just a heads up in case the site goes unstable for the next week or so, I have decided in a bid to reduce processing and memory consumption on my server to replace the ol' Apache setup with the leaner Nginx setup. Obviously I'm going to be doing a lot of testing before cutting over from Apache to Nginx and I hope it wont cause issues during the conversion but issues can and will always occur, now you know why. :ugeek:
(0) Comments Posted on April 25 2012

Yet Another Change Posted by: voice
Yup, doing a lot in a short time span. Following on the heels of the RSN Radio work I've re-enabled registration on the boards (yeah, they were disabled for a time), the reason being I have finally found a way to stop the automated spam bots from getting to the boards, Sonic questions! Some are basic knowledge, some you'll need to do some googleing to find out but you should be able to pass them. Yay.
(1) Comments Posted on January 7 2012

RSN Radio Change Posted by: voice
Hello everyone and happy new years!

Just a quick heads up that I have completed changed over RSN Radio from MP3 to OGG, the reason being a 56Kbps Ogg sounds better than a 56Kbps MP3, quality is king folks! During the conversion some metadata tags got messed up but do not worry, I plan to tackle that issue over the coming weeks.

If you have a media player thats unable to support Ogg streaming (you failed already), I have replaced the flash based player on the RSN Radio page with one that can play back a Ogg stream. Let me know if you find any other outstanding issues with the changes, bug reports are always appreciated.
(0) Comments Posted on January 1 2012

A Wild Update Appears! Posted by: voice
Hey folks, been a while since my last update eh? Well I'm afraid there is not much new to report on, admittedly I haven't been working on the site lately but then again real life does tend to interfere with online activities at times, and the bulk of the lack is due to lack of ideas so if you want to throw some my way I'm open to any ideas you can throw.

With that being said I have actually entered a new venture with a friend of mine running a Team Fortress 2 server, if you wish to join you can point yourself to Be forewarned, given the nature of this site and the people who frequent the server expect adult content and conversations.
(0) Comments Posted on August 6 2011

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