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IRC Update Posted by: voice
For the past year or so the channel has been located on the SSRG IRC Network, however due to inactivity (I'm sure it has to due with people holding grudges :P) I decided to shut all of that down. With the shutdown of the network I have relocated the channel back to its original home network, AfterNET. It's pretty much the same setup as the channel was on SSRG IRC just on a different network. To access the channel you can just click here or direct your favorite irc client to irc.afternet.org and join #rsn when you get there. More details are on the Chat Now page to your left, so go forth and chat, or not.
(0) Comments Posted on March 23 2011

Upgrade Posted by: voice
As the message earlier stated, RSN was offline for the past five hours while I relocated to a new server. Same host however on a newer, cheaper, yet somehow more powerful server. Just another day in the life of RSN.

Also, if you're hosted with RSN please get in contact with me so I can help you get back up running in terms of accessing your stuff, had to reset passwords unfortunately.
(0) Comments Posted on March 7 2011

Sorry About That Posted by: voice
Woopsie, seems a spambot managed to get through, well that certainly sucks. I've gone ahead and removed the offending bot(s) and put in place a new more captcha thats more difficult for bots to get through.

Sorry about the spam, thats what happens when I don't check in on the site for a couple days. :roll:
(3) Comments Posted on October 27 2010

Experimenting With IPv6 Posted by: voice
Hey there folks! Just thought I'd let you know that I've been playing around with IPv6 addressing lately and as a result RSN now is available via IPv6. To try it out for yourself go to http://ipv6.www.randomsonicnet.org - You need to be using an IPv6 address in order to view that url by the way.
(1) Comments Posted on September 11 2010

Closing Down The SCQDB Posted by: voice
Yup, as the title suggests I've decided to pull the plug on the SCQDB. My reasoning is quite simple really, its not used anymore, other sites have now started up their own and since RSN is not as popular as it once was the traffic going to it has been little to nil at best. It kinda defeats the purpose of calling it the Sonic Community Quotes Database when quite frankly theres very little community involved in it and RSN's IRC isn't active enough to warrant one of our own.

This does not necessarily mean that something like the QDB won't be returning in the future but for now theres no need for it. Oh, and don't worry, while I'm shutting it down I won't be deleting the data, so if it indeed does return expect it to be just as it was left ;)
(1) Comments Posted on September 6 2010

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