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New site in progress
I'm becoming involved in a new Sonic Secrets site, aiming to archive and discuss everything featured on SRZ and more. It'll be more up to date than here and hopefully more fun to read too. More news coming soon!

21/04/2007 >New affiliate!
I'm now affiliated with "The Glowing Bridge", a site which is setting out to archive information about Sonic prototypes. Since the recent discovery of the Sonic 2 nick arcade build, a site like this seems needed! It's still in the process of being made however... Site now closed.

Comments system now operational!
Finally got comments working, feel free to post them =D I might also see if I can get the articles section using comments =)

New oddities!
Added two Sonic 1 oddities and a Sonic 3 one realting to the special stages. Nothing spectacular but it's worth a read =) Also just cleared out the spam from the comments database, I'll be working on implamenting a comments system again soon.

<Repost From RSN homepage>
As you may have noticed, for a long time SRZ's oddities database has been non-functional. The reason behind this is a Nucleus CMS upgrade that screwed up everything, which I did in an attempt to stop the stupid amount of spam I get on there. I plan to stop being lazy and fix this by writing my own engine which uses the Nucleus database, and eventually enable comments again, with a verification code to stop spam. It'll take a while though but I'm determined to get SRZ up and running again. Feel free to send me lots of oddities you've found in the games that I never got round to adding in the "SRZ death" period!

Apologies for all this downtime, I'm working on the new engine! It might take a while though. I'm also considering revamping the look of the site to be more modern. I also have a backlog of oddities to add! I've just been lazy.

Update! First version of the database engine is now online. You can see all the oddities, but you can't post comments yet, I'll be working on that tommorow!

Welcome to The Sonic Research Zone, your source for "underground" sonic info. No fan rubbish on this site, this is about Oddities, Glitches and other Cool Stuff! This site, which started on the 14th October 2000, is quite simply a database of all the strange sonic stuff that I've seen over the years, and is also a center for my Sonic hacking tools and projects.


Sonic Stuff Research Group: Good Quality Hacking Guides, a great community and plenty of ROM Hacks. This classic site is now back! Sonic Secrets Group: Some good research into Sonic The Hedgehog magazine articles, and generally quite good. Its worth a visit! Fume Cupboard Facility: Not your average Sonic site, but it's really good fun! (or should I say fun++?) SoniCola Comics: Top class website, loads of funny comics, and 2 brilliant artists. Visit it now! Sonic Stadium: Latest news, loads of downloads, aswell as interviews with key members of the Sonic community, worth a look! Sonic Hacking Community: Nothing illegal, just tons and tons of information that allowes you to customize and modify the Sonic games. Damn cool if you ask me! This site is now back open! The New Sonic Secrets Community: Loads of Information and almost all the games are covered on this jam packed page! Sonic City: A sonic site full of info, media and all that jazz! Check it out :) Dreamcast Online: The only dreamcast resource you'll need! Be sure to check out the articles!

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Special Thanks
Voice - For being open to the merge with RSN, and for thinking up fun ideas.
Clush - For his help uploading some of the Sonic Videos, and providing some great artwork for the site.
Nik The Greek - For providing resonable opinions on my Sonic Theories, and putting up with me!
Thomas Pitt - For his excellent progress in Hacking the Sonic Games
Jan Abaza - For running the excellent Area 51, and providing a large inspiration for this website
Craig Stitt - For being kind enough to do a huge interview, and creating the HPZ legend
Sonic Team & SEGA - Without you, none of the games would exist!

Originally the Site was called Hill Top Zone. However I changed so much, so I changed the name to "Sonic Research Network".
After I became part of the RSN I changed the name to "Sonic Research Zone", basically because I didn't want a network within a network (thats just silly :p) A history of the site is avaliable below.

"Hacking" Projects

Sonic 2 MP3 Tool
Allows you to have a custom soundtrack to Sonic 2 when playing in Gens or Gens+.

Sonic 2 Music Porter
Ports the music data from S2Beta to S2Final.

Research and Speculation

Game Research Database
Research into the games, old mag pics, oddities etc.

Level Maps
Maps of the levels from the games taken from SSRG before it went down. (now all online!)

Lost Objects Archive
Objects in the Sonic games that were unused. This section is from an old Sonic Site called "Area 51".

Sonic Team Interviews
Prossibly every interview conducted by the community.

Theory Archive
Massive archive of peoples theories, stretching way back to SoSTH.

Music Information
Dreams Come True, Naofumi Hataya, Spencer Nilson and others are all covered in this section devoted to the music in Sonic The Hedgehog.

Articles: 2
Less intence than the game research pages, a collection of articles about debunked myths and other stuff.

Other stuff

Random Sonic Net's Forums!

Basically some silly fake screenshots created in Paint Shop Pro.

News Archive & History
See how the site has progressed. Did you visit this site back in 2000?
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