AquasMist Interview

Thanks goto SSG for this finding Aquasmist and conducting the interview.

Interview with aquas mist (AIM: aquas mist) about Sonic 2 Beta on Nick Arcade

sk8er15965: ok im officail starting this interveiw with aquasmist
Aquas Mist: call me aqual dragon
Aquas Mist: or aquasmist
Aquas Mist: which ever you prefer
sk8er15965: sure, could you please give a general description ohf the nick arcade version of sonic 2 beta
Aquas Mist: im a bit of a shy person so could you ask question instead of me giving a description(im not very good at it)
sk8er15965: sure
sk8er15965: what were some differences between this version and sonin 2 beta (1.54)
Aquas Mist: well for one
Aquas Mist: emerald hill zone/green hill zone was playing starlight zone music
Aquas Mist: background music i mean
sk8er15965: ok what about enemies and badnicks
sk8er15965: were they sonic 2 or s2beta
Aquas Mist: all the normal badniks were there
Aquas Mist: even the snail enemy
sk8er15965: the snail from sonic 2 beta you mean
Aquas Mist: yeah
sk8er15965: were any objects different like springs ,bushes,etc
Aquas Mist: yes everything was in the right place
sk8er15965: so the level was the same latout wise
sk8er15965: layout*
Aquas Mist: yeah it was
sk8er15965: did it show the title screen, and if it did what was it, ex:sonic 2, sonic 2 beta
Aquas Mist: it didn't show the title screen
Aquas Mist: the player just started out in emerald hill
sk8er15965: was tails included in the game
Aquas Mist: sonic was the only one playing
sk8er15965: was cpz played
Aquas Mist: no
Aquas Mist: only ehz
Aquas Mist: act 1
sk8er15965: weird because we have pics from nick arcade that are cpz,
sk8er15965: that means it wasnt the same episode
sk8er15965: and there are two episodes with sonic 2 beta
Aquas Mist: yeah the episode was different
sk8er15965: any noticable sprite differences
Aquas Mist: yeah
sk8er15965: in sonic?
Aquas Mist: though i only saw the running sprite for a split second(when he was finally going fast)
Aquas Mist: he had his s2beta running sprite
sk8er15965: wow
sk8er15965: were there anyother things you noticed or you would like to comment on
Aquas Mist: hmm...
Aquas Mist: not really
sk8er15965: thank you for having this interveiw
Aquas Mist: my pleasure

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