Brenda Ross Interview 2

Many thanks to Wetflame for tracking down Brenda and attempting to clarify the DHZ situation!
WetflameG: Hello, Ms. Ross?
Brenda Ross: hello?
WetflameG: Ah hello. ^^ Could I talk to you for a minute, if you're not too busy?
WetflameG: I have a couple of things I want to ask.
Brenda Ross: sure. How can I help you?
WetflameG: Okay thanks ^^
Brenda Ross: and who am I speaking to?
WetflameG: I like your hair by the way XD
WetflameG: Oh, my name is Leigh Walsh
WetflameG: I'm interested in an interview you did a few years back, well an email you answerred.
WetflameG: About some art you did for Sega many years ago.
WetflameG: Well, that's the first thing anyway.
Brenda Ross: okay
WetflameG: See, a bit of an argument broke out on a message board
WetflameG: Over the name of the Desert Level
WetflameG: People always gave it one name
Brenda Ross: okay ask your question
WetflameG: Yes
WetflameG: Epople are arguing over the name of the desert levels.
Brenda Ross: you want to knw if there was anohter name for the desert level?
WetflameG: Yep
WetflameG: People say it's not the name it was
WetflameG: and that you said that name, because in a previous email someone had mentioned it
WetflameG: and I thought it was a little insulting to presume that happened, so I'd double check with you.
WetflameG: Well, I mean to say it happened for definite.
Brenda Ross: you know when you're working on a movie, and you haven't yet decided on a name, so you use a working name?
WetflameG: Yep?
Brenda Ross: desert level
WetflameG: Was the name Dust Hill ever actually used?
Brenda Ross: the art was never put in the game
Brenda Ross: as you know
WetflameG: Yep
Brenda Ross: yasuhara
Brenda Ross: the designer
Brenda Ross: really liked it
Brenda Ross: I also had a winter level
WetflameG: Why did it get the can?
Brenda Ross: with christmas trees and stuff
WetflameG: Were the trees reused in Hill Top zone?
WetflameG: Also, there is a level in Sonic CD, Quartz Quadrant, which is quite similiar.
WetflameG: Craig's level, hidden palace, which was scrapped, had a background reused in Sonic Spinball
Brenda Ross: no because we ran out of time and I was the last artist assigned to the project, so mine was the stuff that was cut - we had no choice
WetflameG: That sucks! The Desert level is the Sonic community's favourite lost level
Brenda Ross: craig must have recycled the art since it wasn' used
WetflameG: It's really nice art :-)
Brenda Ross: yes, yasuhara and I were not too happy
Brenda Ross: we all worked so hard
WetflameG: Shame =(
WetflameG: Oh, by the way
WetflameG: If it makes you as Yasuhara happier, the level has been recreated
WetflameG: using your editted art from a screenshot
WetflameG: in a ROM edit
Brenda Ross: oh cool
WetflameG: I'll take a pic :-)
Brenda Ross: :-)
Brenda Ross: thanks
Brenda Ross: i have to go. I'm in the middle of a bunch of work
WetflameG: oh, oaky
WetflameG: will you be on later?
Brenda Ross: do me a favor, Leigh?
WetflameG: Yes?
Brenda Ross: please dont give this IM to anyone
WetflameG: I won't
Brenda Ross: or you'll force me to change it
Brenda Ross: i only use this for work
Brenda Ross: and i'm busy enough all day long
Brenda Ross: you know it's funny
WetflameG: I'm sure you are. Sorry if I took up too much time =/
Brenda Ross: people always ask me and Craig questions about Sonic 2
Brenda Ross: but they never ask for Tim Skelly
WetflameG: Yes, because you're the only ones we can contect XD
WetflameG: Tim Skelly?
Brenda Ross: he did the bonus rounds
WetflameG: Oh!
Brenda Ross: i can give you his email
Brenda Ross: he's agreed to talk to you guys
WetflameG: That would be GREAT
WetflameG: Thanks
Brenda Ross: he was the art director on the project, I think
WetflameG: But can you remember is the level may haveb een intended to call Dust Hill?
Brenda Ross: i think it was, yes
Brenda Ross: i always called it the desert zone or desert level
WetflameG: And it's not just because people flooded you with emails asking about "Dust Hill" :-)
Brenda Ross: sure
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