Yuji Naka Interview 2

Interview taken from Sega.com

Sega.com: Over the past 10 years Sonic has remained one of the industry's most popular mascots.
What do you think contributes to Sonic's popularity?

Yuji Naka: I guess he was well received by everyone due to his speed, style and attitude.

Sega.com: Were there any particular problems you had to overcome in creating Sonic?

Yuji Naka: It was difficult to create a character that can please children from all over the world,
 because we had an idea of the worldwide evolution for Sonic. We concentrated on creating simplicity and the impact of

Sega.com: Where do you draw your inspiration for the many unique Sonic characters? Is there a story behind the creation of
 Cream and her little Chao sidekick called Cheese from Sonic Advance 2?

Yuji Naka: We think up characters from the game system. For example, Knuckles needed to break walls and
 Tails, to fly in the sky. Cream is a sweet girl who has a Chao as a partner. However, if she attacks the enemy by herself,
 it can damage her image, so we decided that she takes the offensive using her Chao. By the way, the name Cheese was taken
 from "Cream Cheese".

Sega.com: How do you and your team usually brainstorm for the creation of Sonic games?

Yuji Naka: We have discussions such as, "I would like the next Sonic to be one that will surprise all"
 and "How about the game system?," etc., but at this stage, rogue ideas will come out, too, which would never have been 
 imagined from the ordinary Sonic.

Sega.com: You will soon make many people very happy with the release of Sonic Heroes on all platforms. What particular
 challenges are involved in bringing Sonic to the three different platforms?

Yuji Naka: Considering the release on the three platforms, we would like more people to enjoy the Sonic
 title. Although there are performance differences among them, we are going to create versions that differ from each other
 as little as possible. It is because we are working toward the goal that everyone can play the same game -- we would like
 everyone to be happy, whichever platform they own.

Sega.com: You've mentioned that trends in the movie and videogame industry are particularly interesting to you.
 Would you ever like to see Sonic on the Big Screen?

Yuji Naka: I definitely want to see him on the Big Screen! The animated TV series "Sonic X" has started
 in Japan and is scheduled to begin being aired in the USA and Europe around the end of the year. If it is a hit, the movie
 version may become possible. This is an old story from about 10 years ago, but there were talks of making a Hollywood film
 of Sonic several times, so I hope it will be realized. I want Sonic to become a sleeper hit.

Thanks to Yuji Naka for taking time away from Sonic Heroes to answer our questions!

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