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Don't Ask
Function: obstacle / vehicle
Location: Mystic Cave Zone / Dust Hill Zone
Description: Looks like a row of rings Sonic can stand on.

Function: obstacle
Location: Wing Fortress Zone
Description: When the platform turns, a ray comes out from nowhere and kills Sonic.

Function: badnik
Location: Green Hill Zone
Description: Enemy found in Sonic 2 beta. Attacks when Sonic approaches him.

Motorized lift
Function: obstacle / vehicle
Location: Metropolis Zone
Description: Obstacle found in Sonic 2 beta. It follows Sonic and it can crush him.

Wood Conveyor belt
Function: conveyor belt
Location: Wood Zone
Description: Conveyor belt from Wood Zone (Sonic 2 beta). It has no effect on Sonic.

Function: badnik
Location: Dust Hill Zone
Description: Badnik from Dust Hill Zone. Opens its mouth when you approach it, which is a nice detail.

Deleted badnik
Function: badnik
Location: Hidden Palace Zone
Description: Dinosaur robot that walks left and right.

Deleted badnik
Function: badnik
Location: ??? (Chemical Plant Zone, Genocide City Zone?)
Description: I've no idea what this did, but apparently it swam around, shooting stuff from the pipe on his belly.
Please note that its palette is probably off.

Deleted badnik
Function: badnik
Location: Hidden Palace Zone
Description: Batbot. When Sonic approaches, he flies down to attack.

Deleted badnik
Function: badnik
Location: Hidden Palace Zone
Description: Similar to Rhinobot. Too similar - charges at Sonic and never stops once he sets his eyes on him.

Master Emerald
Function: obstacle
Location: Hidden Palace Zone
Description: Blocks the tube. Is supposed to be breakable.

Spring ball
Function: obstacle / vehicle
Location: Oil Ocean Zone
Description: Split into Button, Spring and Ball. When you press the Button, you toggle the Spring to release the Ball. Sonic can ride the Ball.

A post
Function: badnik
Location: Wing Fortress Zone
Description: Sits there...and does nothing?

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