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Of course in this area I'm limited due to legal issues, but as I endorce you to buy Sonic games, I don't see how I'm doing any harm.

Dreams Come True

Masato Nakamura composed some of the best Sonic Music in Sonic The Hedgehog 1 & 2.
o English Dreams Come True Page:

Sonic 1 - Kusuriyubi no Kesshin
Zone that this was used on: Starlight Zone
DCT Album and Track Number: Million Kisses, Track 6
You won't have much luck searching for this, try the Japanese "w̌S" (without the quotes), you'll have to copy and paste.

Sonic 1 - Marry Me? - New
Zone that this was taken from: Green Hill Zone
DCT Album and Track Number: Love Ballad Collection, disc 2, Track 9
After purchasing the DCT "Love Ballad Collection" album (yes I imported it and ended up paying a lot _) I noticed a track on Disc Rouge that very reminisant of Green Hill. The track was cringingly called "Marry Me?" and also appears to have been on the B Side of this single. The track is actually quite a lot slower than green hill so I didn't recognize it straight away, and as the single I mentioned was released in '97 then it was quite a while after the original Sonic 1. I guess Masato was feeling unoriginal :p

Sonic 2 - Sweet Sweet Sweet / Sweet Dreams
Zone that this was used on: Ending Sequence
DCT Album and Track Number: Swinging Star, Track 11 :: Winter Song, Track 2
Perhaps the most famous of all, Sweet Sweet Sweet was released twice. Firstly on the Triple Platinum Album "Swinging Star"
then again on the B-Side of there single "Winter Song" under the title "Sweet Dreams" where it was sung in english.
Winter Song is also a great piece of music, so you may aswell buy the single!

Personal Favourite Tracks
Sonic 1: Marble Zone, Starlight Zone + a few others.
Sonic 2: Boss Music, Aquatic Ruin Zone, Casino Night Zone, Mystic Cave Zone, Sky Chase Zone, Sonic 2 Ending Music + Credits Medley.

Rendered Midis (MP3): Casino Night Zone

Naofumi Hataya

Naofumi composed the great tracks you hear on Sonic CD European/Japanese. Many people prefer this Soundtrack to the
American one, however personally I have to say both soundtracks are great!
o Wave Master is SEGA's music Studio, where he works. (Link Updated)

Little Planet
This is track 33 from the PAL Sonic CD.
#33 is used on the American Sonic CD for the Time Attack game where as on the European/Japanese one it isn't.
It's not hard to think that possibly this could be the music for the R2 level.
Download and listen. It does sound Rusty Ruinish. It's one of the best tracks on the CD, probably why SEGA left it on.

Techno Power Mix
Album: Sonic The Hedgehog Remix
It features the tracks in the order that may have been planned, except for Wacky Workbench at the start.

Personal Favourite Tracks
Special Stage, Little Planet, Tidal Tempest All, Stardust Speedway Good Future, "You can do anything...", Final Fever, Collision Chaos Good Future.

Spencer Nilson

Spencer Nilson composed the music for the American Sonic CD, apparently in 2 weeks! Some of the tracks in this are quite impressive, and are better than the Japanese tracks, however many people are angry that SEGA changed more than the language on Sonic CD. After making the music for the last SEGA CD game, Spencer Nilson dissapeared from the Music Scene, and noone knows what he's doing now!

Personal Favourite Tracks
Special Stage, Stardust Speedway All, Collision Chaos Present, Quartz Quadrant Good/Bad Future, Speed Shoes & Invinsibility are better than the Japanese ones.

Sonic 3 Music Team
After DCT were ditched SEGA used their own Music department and various composers to make the music for
Sonic 3. However many people felt the music wasn't as good as what was featured in the previous Sonic
Games, but there are some gems in there.

Brad Buxor
Bobby Brooks
Darryl Ross
Geoff Grace
Doug Grigsby III
Howard Drossin

Rendered Midis (MP3): Sky Sanctuary

Richard Jacques
He composed the music for the Saturn version of Sonic 3D, and has been involved in music for TV adverts.
o Richard Jacques' Homepage

Personal Favourite Tracks
Panic Puppet Zone, Rusty Ruin Zone.

SEGA Music - WaveMaster

Wavemaster is SEGA's own Music studio and Production centre. Any song you hear in a SEGA game is most likely to be recorded
there. They produced the Music for Sonic Adventure 1&2, Sonic Hereos, and Sonic Advance 1,2 and probably 3.
o Wave Master Homepage

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