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Important Facts
1. All off-centre magazine pics are "Concept Art". They were created by the level designers,
hence the fact Sonic has the same pose in each one. Revealed in Interviews.
2. A Pre-release version of Sonic 2 has been found and posted on the internet. Discovered by
Simon Wai. You can download it from RSN's download archive!
3. Two American members of the Sonic Team have been contacted. Interviews
4. Sonic CD was being made at the same time as Sonic 2.

Firstly, and most importantly is the shear amount of changes made during this games development. The end product was a great game that can't be denied, but a lot of good stuff aswell as bad was taken out. One of the core features of Sonic are the colourful levels, however one amazing level was removed from Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Hidden Palace Zone.

When People saw it missing from the manual, they really thought it was a hidden zone, and getting all the chaos emeralds would unlock it, unfortunatly this was not the case, even if it was previously planned. The reason people thought this was because of the images in magazines, showing Hidden Palace Zone in all it's glory.

So why was it removed? Well, SEGA didn't think the level was good enough, and decided not to put it in. However almost every Sonic fan disagrees, and most say they would rather have not had Hill Top Zone, and have had it instead.

Well SEGA listened to the fans and In Sonic 3 and Knuckles they brought it back, however in my opinion it didn't have the same high quality, professional look to it.
Every Sonic Fans dream was to play the original Hidden Palace Zone. They knew it was in Sonic 2 at some point, due to the Magazine Pictures and traces left in the Sonic 2 ROM. Then a discovery was made! The Sonic 2 BETA ROM was discovered in 1999 by Simon Wai!

There are so many oddities in this ROM it's impossible to cover them all, but thanks to Jan Abaza, who ran a Sonic site called Area 51, I can give you plenty of information from his research.

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Hidden Palace Zone Research
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Sonic 2 MP3 Tool
Allows you to have a custom soundtrack to Sonic 2 when playing in Gens or Gens+.

Sonic 2 Music Porter
Ports the music data from S2Beta to S2Final.

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Research into the games, old mag pics, oddities etc.

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Maps of the levels from the games taken from SSRG before it went down. (now all online!)

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Objects in the Sonic games that were unused. This section is from an old Sonic Site called "Area 51".

Sonic Team Interviews
Prossibly every interview conducted by the community.

Theory Archive
Massive archive of peoples theories, stretching way back to SoSTH.

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Dreams Come True, Naofumi Hataya, Spencer Nilson and others are all covered in this section devoted to the music in Sonic The Hedgehog.

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Less intence than the game research pages, a collection of articles about debunked myths and other stuff.

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