The Big Tails Theory Version 2

Why do people think things like "Tails is the Guardian of the Master Emerald"?
Here's a few facts that lead people to think things like this:

1: In the final Sonic 2 using Woodzone's palette results in a Tails life icon in the bottom left.
Theory: In my opinion this is really quite supporting that something was planned for Tails.
It's been said that Wood Zone, with the impassable parts etc.
were designed for Tails to fly over, hence, it's a tails only zone.

Download the savestate here.

2: Tails life box in Hidden Palace.
Theory: Many people think it's a glitch, or the zone was 2 player split sceen. The simple answer is "No"
As it says in Theory 15, "The Sonic Engine couldn't use
water in the multiplayer level: It freezes the game if programmed in,
therefore it was overridden into loading single player. Clear cut and
simple, this small thing proves the board was never meant to be multiplayer."

3: Hidden Palace Removed from Final.
Theory: Why take out a great level? There is no reason as it is practically finished. It's utterly Bizarre.

Thats it. Those are the facts.


2 Pairs of Zones we can be pretty certain were designed for time travel is Wood Zone&Metropolis and Chemical Plant&Genocide City. The other zones we can only guess. Time Travel was considered for Sonic 2.
Wood Zone is Metropolis Past, before Robotnik destroyes it. So essentially Tails plays a zone,
and Sonic plays it after Robotniks ruined it. This way you effectively add an easy mode to the game, which I think is cool.
This neatly explains the Tails life icon in the Wood Zone.

However, Hidden Palace Zone is harder to explain. There have been many, many attempts. Though we can rule out the
Green Emerald as this was merely a Tube Blocker.
Here is my research into the zone.

Whatever the original idea was they just couldn't do it due to time or cartridge space, so they deleted the wasted levels.
But they possibly did a similar plot in Sonic 3 and Knukles, a common thing that happens in the game world.

One thing is certain Tails definatly was originally planned to have a more intesting storyline, and many others have come to similar conclusions. I doubt very much that Tails was the Keeper of The "Master Emerald" due to what Craig Stitt said and that the area in the Sonic 2 Hidden Palace with the Emerald isn't very significant.

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