Sonic 3 <> Laputa Comparison

I simply cannot take ANY credit for this theory, it was discovered by Tom of "Tom's Hacking Station", and I'm merely hosting it because I think the Sonic Team were yet again inspired like with the Death Star<>Death Egg and Super Saiya<>Super Sonic.

Anyhow, Laputa is a Japanese film about a floating island, and has many similarities with Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles
Right, onto the Pictures...

Now the islands do look very different, and this isn't the first time a floating island has appeared in fiction so not much can be said about this one. However Tom thinks that the bottom of the Laputa one looks like the Death Egg.

This for me really does show a strong similarity. The ruins, towers and bridges from Laputa are all featured in Sky Sanctuary, and even the clouds are there!

The pillars, light shining, arches and other stuff in the picture tie in with Hydrocity.

Eggbots away!

Yes, there's even a "Power Stone" that keep the island afloat!

And to really top it off, at the end of Sky Sanctuary, the zone crumbles, just like in Laputa.

In my opinion the whole Sky Sanctuary zone is a tribute to Laputa by the Sonic Team.

EXTRA INFO: According to Drakmyth Master Laputa is the Japanese version of "Castle In The Sky" which is avaliable on video. It is the same as Laputa but dubbed in english.

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