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Sonic 2 MP3 Tool v1.2

* Speed Shoes music speed change now optional.
* Only mutes music that has been replaced in MP3 form.
* 1up SFX bug FIXED.
* Gens 2.11 problems FIXED.

What this tool does, quite simply, is synchronise with your Megadrive Emulator to play MP3 tracks instead of the music built into the Sonic 2 ROM. It does this via the magic of memory hacking to access the Emulated Genesis RAM RealTime. It currently supports Gens and Gens+ (no longer Kega Fusion), though please email me if you want another emulator added.
Download the tool here or here (mirror)

I've now created a bat file, which when placed in the folder of the MP3's from the Sonic 2 remix project and ran, renames the files to their appropriate "soundtest number" name. You can download this bat file here.

Website and Music Copyright (c) James Hansen / QJimbo
Note, some music in s2ast is not replaced and is still copyrighted by Dreams Come True (who did an amazing job)