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Below is a list of Guides and Utilities avaliable to download.
Filename Filesize Author Description
Sqx.doc 260KB Saxman Sonic QX Manual Revision 2: New version of the Sonic QX manual! To quote Saxman:
This revision 2 document gives plenty more details, mainly on handling voices which I felt was a weak area of the document. I also adopted the use of the Yamaha family names instead of typing the name of each and every synthesizer that SQX supports. It's a good update I think -- spent a couple hours fixing it up, so I hope you find it worth your time.
wd97vwr32.exe 3,953KB Microsoft Word File Viewer: Allows you to view word files even if you don't own Word. Handy for reading the SQX manual :)
spatch.zip 27KB Stealth Stealth Patch: IPS Patcher
sonicqx.exe 542KB Saxman Sonic QX BUILD 15: Import your own MIDI files into Sonic 2 Beta ROM. Check the manual for information about the new features in Build 15.
hw32v423.exe 3,736KB Breakpoint Software Hex Workshop: Very powerful Hex Editor, though it's Shareware :(
porter10.zip 52KB QJimbo (me!) Music Porter v1.0 *FIXED*: Port you're modified Sonic 2 Beta music across to Sonic 2. Now with Windows Frontend!
SHaCguide.zip 1,073KB Saxman Sonic 2 Hacking Guide written by Saxman. Has information that allows you to edit music with a hex editor!
compress.txt 10KB Brett Kosinski A technical (too technical!) guide to the compression used in Sonic 2.
ymx.txt 4KB Saxman A guide to the YMX file format used in Sonic QX.
voicexhg.txt 3KB Saxman Sonic QX Voice Exchange Tutorial.