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June 15 2021

Here is a listing of the current news plus the older news entries.

Older postings

Another Minor Update Posted by: voice
SSL is back to legit. That is all.
(0) Comments Posted on March 22 2015

Minor Changes Posted by: voice
A month into the new year and I bring forth the following news:

- Chrome/Chromium v32 and higher now properly support Ogg Vorbis streams, as such I have enabled the Ogg stream on the web player for Chrome users if your version is 32 or greater. Please be sure to report any issues, I'm not listening to the stream 24/7 as I have other things to work on too.
- RSN Live will be experimenting this upcoming show with our own hosted video stream servers, given my issues with Twitch in the past and their seemingly ban-happy staff I think it would be nice not to have the show abruptly shutdown by pissy admins.
- RSN IRC's Webchat is now primarily powered by KiwiIRC. I will keep the qwebs around for some legacy stuff but as of right now I've got the site directing you to Kiwi's web client.
(0) Comments Posted on January 31 2014

Some Fixes Posted by: voice
So now that I'm actively actively working on the site I made some more fixes, this is more back end related but you guys should have noticed a decrease in the time it takes to get to the site. Oh, I also made some fixes on the IRC, perhaps you guys should try it out sometime? :P Enjoy a free link to the web chat
(0) Comments Posted on November 16 2013

New RSN Radio Webplayer Roll-out Posted by: voice
Yup, still working on the site, amazing no? The latest is a brand new HTML5 based web player for RSN Radio, in order to use it you'll need to have an up to date browser and javascript enabled. Some notes about the quality settings:

MP3 (LQ) - 64kbps / 44100 Hz - Available in Chrome and Internet Explorer
OGG (MQ) - 64kbps / 44100 Hz - Available in Firefox
OPUS (HQ) - 56kbps / 44100 Hz - Available in Firefox

You'll notice MP4/AAC+ is missing, I got rid of it and saved in the process 15% CPU usage. Chrome claims to support Ogg but seeing as the stream stops as soon as the current song finishes I'd say thats bullshit. Let me know what browsers you're using that you know supports audio streaming via HTML5 but nets you a "Your browser is not supported!" message, I'll look into it.

Also please note that this still counts as a beta feature.
(0) Comments Posted on November 10 2013

The Forums Posted by: voice
Didn't you know RSN has a forum? Neither did I! Well, not really, I knew it was here all the time......anyways..... Just a friendly reminder about the forums, especially since I made some changes in the past few weeks that may hopefully make it a better overall experience. Feel free to use it...or not...either way it'll still be here...waiting....collecting dust....not aging well like wine...
(0) Comments Posted on October 20 2013

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