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Here is a list of links to sites or pages that you may find interesting, or may hate, either way give'em a click!

Sonic Retro
One of the larger communities in the Sonic scene this group includes one of the biggest sonic-related wiki tomes of all time along with a active forum and irc community.

The Mystical Forest Zone: Act 4
A spriter's resource site that contains sprite sheets, sprite comics, and a whole lot of other stuff to you may find useful in your work.

Sonic: Uncut Forums
This is the message board for the Sonic: Uncut flash videos which are featured in our Videos Archives. Here you can chat with other people who've viewed the flash and liked it as well as speak to the animator of the flash. You can also make suggestions for any upcoming animations being done by HyperactiveYouth.

The Middle Ground
Well whattya know, voice finally put a comic site in the links page that 100% devoted to the game series that is the basis for this site. Actually, this is a pretty kick ass site! I'd check it out. TBH I really didn't even know the damn place exisited until a post on a forum showed me this image. Seriously, check it out, I think you'll love the site and the comics within.

SEGA Sonic forum
This is on SEGA's offical site and is a subforum of the SEGA Forums. Simple enough, just post anything about sonic, there is a 2nd sonic forum for fan fiction.

The Sonic Stadium. This is the big one, the cream of the crop for all sonic sites out there! They host an expanse of sites and numerious downloads, huge DB's reguarding Sonic comics and tv shows. Game release information, internet radio station.....you know what, just click on the link, I think you'll be pleased with their network :)

The Sonic Stuff Research Group. This is a another sonic research site thats been online for quite a while, although it appears it was considered "shut down indefinently" for some reasons. The old admin essntially handed over command to a new person who decided to revive the site. They are known for hacking guides, uncovering secretes of the SonicTeam, and for developing hacking untilitys for the roms.

Fume Cupboard Facility. This site has done alot of stuff in the lines of ROM related things, one of their most popular downloads is the Compression rom. What is that? Hint, tails gets crushed.

The Sonic Research Zone. Like SWS2B, but with more information about other games, currently 5 of the sonic games are in their research DB. This site includes, images, interviews, hoax archive, and alot more. Researching the early sonic games? This is the place to do it at. The site is owned by Qjimbo

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