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About RSN

RSN, short for Random Sonic Net, was started by me, voice, in June of 2004. There was no clear goal from the get go as the site was more or less a way for me to learn how to do websites with PHP and SQL. I'd like to think that this site has no baggage attached but thats about as true as saying my Ford Windstar is reliable, rumblings have happened in the past however the site has moved beyond that. As there a hundreds of Sonic community websites this one doesn't really strive to have such a thing in its posession. No, at this point I use RSN to provide cheap-as-in-free hosting for smaller Sonic fan sites and for my own IT-industry based experimentations which has now included multiple web server setups, email setup/administration, a small stint in LDAP, running multiple Source Dedicated game servers, and other crap I can't remember right now.

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